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Win to Start The Season For NPL Squad

24th January 2017

New squad Mavericks NPL knew they had strong competition today when faced with TeamBath NPL.  The buzz of the crowd and the keen youth players warming up really set the atmosphere for the game ahead.  The announcement of the starting seven introduced the game with TeamBath taking an early lead.  Half way through the first quarter, a held ball from bath and an amazing interception from Georgia Satwick, meant the game was evens 10 all.  After some solid shooting from Ellie Kelk, the quarter ended 17-12 to Mvericks.

Quarter two lead to Suzie Liverseidge coming on at WA.  Defence all the way through court from Mavericks really lifted the game and the goals were flying in. Some great rebounds from Caitlin Rowley gave more shooting opportunities to Sophie Drackford-Lewis who was on fire!  Half time whistle went and Mavericks still had the lead on bath, 28-23.

Some more changes for Mavericks, Georgia Satwick moving to C and Beth Ecyuer-Dale in at WD.  With some early forced errors, Mavericks really pushed on to extend their lead.  Amazing effort from Ellie Rattu meant that she was winning ball for Mavericks, who lead 36-28.  A couple of silly errors made by Mavericks meant that TeamBath slowly started to creep back into the game, was fatigue starting to kick in for the girls? Surely not!  Quarter three ended with Bath hot on Mavericks' heals, 39-34.

Last change for Mavericks meant the Phoebe Parker, at GS had an opportunity to strut her stuff!  With some great composure from both shooters the score board kept going up.  With a ten goal lead Mavericks surely had it in the bag, but the girls showed true strength when they pushed on to extend their lead further. Team effort meant that Mavericks were able to take their first victory, 55-44!

Well done Mavericks NPL!  To not only the girls playing but the support from the bench, coaching staff and supporters.  Mavericks would like to thank Team Bath for the great game! And a Special thanks to the amazing ball girls from Hertford Hornets! 

Match Report by Tara Jones, NPL Player - 21 Jan 2017

Photograph courtesy of Peter Rattu