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U21s Make it 2/2 with Win V Team Bath

17th April 2017

The 2nd game of the season for the U21 campaign was away to Bath, again an experienced line up in the opposition with quite a few University players, the Mavericks U21 side knew they needed to stick to task and work hard for a result.

Starting 7: Parker, Kelk, Cadgdan, Ecuyer-Dale, Odedgberin, Rattu & Adio.

With a slightly nervous start from both squads, it was Mavericks that secured the first goal. Fantastic defensive pressure from Mavericks meant they turned over the first 3 centre passes, going 4-0 up in the first few minutes.  Finishing the first quarter 18 - 10, Parker and Kelk were given ample opportunities and with an impressive 86% and 100% shooting stats. The squads through court attack and turnover to goal were equally impressive, cutting and driving through Bath’s defensive pressure at times with ease.

With no changes going into the 2nd quarter, Bath came out fighting, scoring the first 3 goals of the quarter and showing they were not prepared to give up without a fight. With errors creeping into Mavericks game, players losing focus and getting caught up with Bath’s defensive pressure, Mavericks lost the 2nd quarter 12-8 but remained in the lead with the score at 26-22.

Starting the 3rd quarter, Ratnapala brought Rothwell onto GA and Wheeler onto WD, with Kelk moving to GS. Some excellent leadership and defensive pressure from Mavericks U21 captain Adio meanth the team  came out strong in the 3rd quarter, taking the first 3 goals on the board and extending their lead back out to 6 again. With Parker replacing Kelk in at GS and once again Rothwell showing her strength in the shooting circle at 100%, Mavericks finished the quarter winning 12- 9 and ending 7 up 38-31.

Final quarter started with no changes, Mavericks knew this game was far from over, but with their foot on the pedal and momentum with the away side, it was Mavericks once again taking the first 3 goals of the quarter,  some excellent defensive pressure from Adio, Rattu, Wheeler & Ecuyer-Dale, Mavericks extended their lead to 17 in this quarter. Flemming entered onto court with 3 minutes left of the final quarter and netting an impressive 100%, meant Mavericks finished the game 54 - 41.

Beth Ecuyer-Dale was awarded POTM having a solid attacking and defensive game at C and controlling the tempo for the whole game.

Mavericks U21 next game is against an experienced Wasps side, 16:30 centre pass at Mavericks home ground. We look forward to seeing all Mavericks supporters there.