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VNSL Round 4 Frustrating loss to Wasps Netball

28th February 2018

On the back of Saturday's win vs Severn Stars, it was Wasps' turn to arrive to the University of Essex, where benecosMavericks hosted a record crowd of over 1000 fans

A goal for goal opening start for both sides and an opportunity to break Wasps centre pass was made by Zara Everitt, however hesitancy & a break down in communication in our attacking unit meant an easy turnover for Wasps and they were able to capitalise & regain their centre pass. 

The Wasps attacking unit of Fisher, Dunn, Haythornthwaite & Clarke were errorless as they took their possession through to goal despite Keable, Everitt, Drayne & Marshall's best defensive efforts. End of quarter one and Wasps led 12-17. 

Razia Quashie entered into the game at GK in the 2nd quarter and despite getting some tips to the ball, the defensive end were unable to capitalise on the turnovers and take them through to goal. Changes within this quarter saw Keable enter back onto court at GD and Everitt onto WD, Drayne to bench. 
The physical defensive pressure Wasps applied was paramount & stopped Mavericks playing with their usual flair and meant they were hesitant on the ball, meaning Wasps extended their lead to 24 - 36 (12 - 19)

No changes in the Mavericks line up in Q3, Ratnapala wanted more from the 7 that had finished the first half, despite 100% shooting from McCollin & Bailey and turnovers from Marshall & Quashie, Mavericks couldn't bridge the gap between the defending Champions and their lead stretched out to 37-53 (13 - 17) 

Final quarter saw Artman enter the court as GK and Mavericks came out with fire in their bellies and were not prepared to lie down in front of their home crowd, answering a 5 goal run from Wasps, they came back with their own 5 goal run through some hard work of Artman, Quashie, Everitt & Marshall. benecosMavericks won the final quarter 15-13 but it was too little too late and the final score was 66-52 to Wasps

Head Coach & Director of Netball Kat Ratnapala said "It was a frustrating game tonight, we know we are better than that performance, however we are a new attacking unit and there was a lot of opportunities for us to win ball which we didn't take so there is plenty of room for improvement. This is only game 4 of a long season so looking forward to our next game to right some wrongs and continue to push for our goal of top 4. 

Massive thank you to all of our travelling fans to this fantastic arena and thanks to all the staff within Mavericks and University of Essex for making it a great event."
Next we face Northumbria away - Live on Sky Sports Mix at 7pm.  Our next home match is on March 10th where we face Sirens at 6PM.  This match is SOLD OUT.

Karyn Bailey 33/37 89%
Kalifa McCollin 19/21 91%

PoTM Gabs Marshall