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Round 5 Preview: Who Makes it to Rd 6 Undefeated? Who has the most Maverick Attitude!

25th February 2016

Vitality Netball Superleague

Round 5 Preview: Hertfordshire Mavericks V Manchester Thunder

FCP: 6.30PM at University of Hertfordshire Sporting Village

The Superleague season so far has been an eventful one and as we reach Round 5 only two teams remain undefeated – Mavericks and Thunder.  And as luck (or fate) would have it, we face each other this Saturday at the Herts Sporting Village in front of a sold out crowd.  So who will emerge victorious and undoubtedly have a slight psychological advantage?  Well that's the big question.  Both teams have shown that they mean business and have brought some fantastic netball to the court already this season.  They’ve shown grit and determination and demonstrated they have what it takes to both win with style and to grind it out when needed.  So again – who will win?

The last time these two teams met competitively was in the semi-final of the Superleague 2015 and there, victory went to the Mavericks.  We fought for that win, we deserved that win.  Since then both teams have undergone a number of changes in personnel either on the court or the coaching bench.  As a team we are aware that many people may think Thunder have the edge.  But here’s the thing – We believe Mavericks can and will win!

When you look at the definition of ‘Maverick’ in the dictionary it details an unorthodox or independent-minded person: he/she isn't scared to cross the line of conformity and their unorthodox tactics get results! And we believe this is what will define the game on Saturday.  We will do everything you would expect to win – we’ve been fastidious in training, we are prepared and everyone on the court will play their part from defense through to attack.  But we know the same can be said for Thunder.  So what will separate us will be how we go that extra mile, how we refuse to conform to what is expected.  We will do the unexpected and we’ll get the result.

Its going to be a cracker of a game on Saturday and we’ll definitely need all of your support, so wear purple and make yourselves heard!

Coach Sam Bird said, “Mavericks players and coaches thrive on matches like this one versus Thunder. We know our home support will give us an edge and we are looking forwards to a great match and a great performance by our squad.”

First Centre Pass is at 6.30 and our youth team are in action against Thunder at 4.30 so if you have tickets make sure you make it for the early game.  That is also set to be a really awesome match up and the youth would love your support.

We will also be supporting the #net10forlife campaign in aid of Cancer Research UK with pink laces on sale – so please also show your support for this fantastic cause.