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VNSL Round 3: Benecos Mavericks Dull the Stars

26th February 2018

Our first game at the amazing University of Essex's brand new 1,800 capacity venue did not disappoint. IN round three benecosMavericks faced Severn Stars who have a number of International athletes in their squad, but had yet to get points on the board in the Superleague this season, despite having a good start against undefeated Thunder being 10 goals up and losing by 1 goal in the final stages of the game. 

Following off the back of benecosMavericks thrilling win against Surrey Storm in extra time, the benecosMavericks squad knew they had a lot to prove to themselves and knew a better performance was needed in order to reach our top four goal (top four progress to semis). 

Ratnapala chose a start for Bailey, McCollin, Corbin, Drayne, Everitt & Keable and the 7 dominated from the start, with fantastic pressure & interceptions from Everitt & clinical play from the attacking line up, finishing that quarter 17-8.

No changes into the 2nd quarter as Corbin and Marshall continued to impress in the centre third, connecting with Bailey & McCollin with flair & skill. Drayne, Everitt & Keable also showed their dominance in the defensive end, shutting off options and making it difficult for the experienced Stars International shooters to find their feet. A time out allowed Travis into the game, replacing McCollin and  benecosMavericks extended their lead to 34-20 at half time (17-12)

Quarter 3 started with the same 7 and taking 100% of our turnovers to goal thanks to fantastic play from all on court. A Travis time out call made the inception of Wells onto GA, gaining her first cap for Mavericks and number #85 in Mavericks history. 

With an injury to Marshall in the 3rd, Drayne moved to C and Collard came off the bench to WD, who worked well with Drayne on Mavericks defensive centre pass, Mavericks took victory in quarter 3, taking the lead to 52-34 (18-14).

Going into the final quarter , there were no changes for Ratnapala.  With Drayne, Corbin, Wells & Bailey connecting well for Mavericks centre passes, there was one time out call for Bailey, which meant McCollin came onto GA and Wells moved back to GS, where Wells shot 83% and McCollin 100%. 

End of the game saw McCollin net home a penalty shot to make the final score for the quarter 16-11, meaning benecosMavericks won all 4 individual quarters and made the final score 68-46.

That's 3 wins from 3 games for the season. We look forward to facing Wasps, who are also undefeated so far this season again at the University of Essex on Monday 26th February, 19:30 match start. 

PoTM Lindsay Keable 

Special mention to Karyn Bailey for her impressive 94% shooting stats and Zara Everitt for her turnovers & workmate in defence. 

Director of Netball, Kat Ratnapala has this to say: "It was fantastic to christen our first outing at the University of Essex with a convincing win against Severn Stars and to get all 12 players out on court tonight. It has been increasingly difficult to chose the starting 7 and 12 for match day as we have a very competitive squad of 15 players that we are working with. 

There were quite a few standout performances this evening and I was pleased that we were able to be more clinical with our attacking play and score 30 goals off our turnover this evening.  We are now really excited to face Wasps on Monday and hope to have a huge crowd to get behind us and be our 8th player."