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8th December 2015

  • 2016 Vitality Netball Superleague Mavericks Squad announced
  • New signing Ella Clark revealed – returning to netball whilst maintaining a professional basketball career
  • All 15 athletes have represented their country and combine youth and experience

We are delighted to announce our final 15 for the 2016 Vitality Netball Superleague.  Led by Captain Layla Guscoth and Vice Captain Lindsay Keable, the team includes a true legend of the game in World Cup Gold Medallist Joline Johansson (nee Henry). This, combined with an entire squad that has represented their countries at various age categories and around the globe, makes for a team ready to go one step further in 2016 and bring home the title of Super League Champions.

New Signing – Ella Clark

Ella Clark is returning to netball after a number of years as a professional basketball player where she is part of the GB basketball squad.  She currently plays professional basketball in Spain having played in the US before that. Ella played for England Netball in the World Youth Cup prior to moving to the US for basketball and Mavericks are extremely excited about her return to the sport.  She will bring a fantastic new dynamic to the team, bringing with her obvious transferable skills and the insight of having played sport in a fully professional capacity.  

Mavericks believe we have the best depth of talent in the shooting circle of all the Superleague teams with 4/5 shooters being 6 feet 3 tall and highly versatile players. 


The Hertfordshire Mavericks Vitality Superleague Squad 2016

The squad selected for 2016 is as follows:

·       Layla Guscoth GD/GK Captain

·       Lindsay Keable GK/GD Vice Captain (England High Performance Programme)

·       Joline Johansson (nee Henry) C/WD (Overseas Import: New Zealand)

·       Sammy Wallace GS/GA (Overseas Import: Trinidad and Tobago)

·       Sam May WD/GD (Overseas Import: Australia)

·       Louisa Watson (nee Brownfield) GA/GS 

·       George Fisher GS/GA (England High Performance Programme)

·       Ella Clark GA/GS

·       Sophie Hankin GA/WA

·       Scarlett Williams WD/C/WA

·       Michelle Drayne C/WA/WD (Northern Ireland Netball)

·       Sophie Carter WA/C (England High Performance Programme)

·       Bethany Sutherland WD (Scotland Netball)

·       Vicky Oyesola WD/GD (England High Performance Programme)

·       Summer Artman GK (England High Performance Programme)

·       Steph Collard – (training partner and first reserve)


“This squad is the culmination of 6 months hard work from both the coaches and the staff enabling us to secure such a fantastic group of players,” said Sam Bird, Head Coach.  “I would like to thank the sponsors and our fans for their support making it possible for the Board to provide the resources to sign these elite athletes.”

“My aim was always to find a mix of experienced England internationals (Louisa, Layla, Lindsay) with rising England stars (Vicky, George, Sophie, Scarlett) and outstanding imports (Sammy, Sam and Joline), “ continued Sam.  “I believe we have achieved that aim with all our players all exceptional in their own right. Finally, I wanted players who were passionate about playing for Mavericks and to lead us in our best efforts to win this year.  We cannot wait to get started! Come and watch! “

Hertfordshire Mavericks have set out our stall for 2016 and have every intention to improve on our 2nd place in 2015.  We thrive on your support so please some along and cheer on your team! Tickets for all home matches in the 2016 season are available here