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Mavericks Slay the Dragons

21st March 2017

Hertfordshire Mavericks picked up their second win of the season this Saturday in a tightly fought game against the Celtic Dragons.

Starting Seven: Summer Artman (GK), Lindsay Keable (GD), Zara Everitt (WD), Rose Morgan-Smith (C), Keshia Grant (WA), Sophie Drakeford-Lewis (GA), Vicklyn Joseph (GS)

Used Subs: Michelle Drayne, Sophie Hankin, Ashleigh Neal, Razia Quashie

Mavericks got off to the best possible start, as early turnovers from Artman and Everitt were taken to goal for a 5-0 lead. After a strong debut last week at the CopperBox, Sophie Drakeford-Lewis got her first start for the Mavericks in at GA and she was showing her ability, scoring the first two goals of the match. It wasn't long however, before the Dragons got back in the game, as they hit the Mavs for seven unanswered goals. After some more ebbing and flowing, the quarter ended all square.

Q1 score: 11-11

The only change at the start of Q2 saw Drayne come in at C. The second quarter started the same as the first, with a flying Everitt interception helping the Mavericks to a three-goal lead, but the Dragons soon pulled level. The teams then exchanged goals until the final few minutes of the quarter, when the Mavericks edged ahead again.

Q2 score: 26-21

There was rotation in the shooting circle at half time, as Drakeford-Lewis moved to GS, and Hankin came on at GA. Despite being behind the Dragons stayed in touch, going goal-for-goal throughout the quarter. Halfway through the 15-minute period Keable came off for Quashie, who made an instant impact with a few great interceptions.

Q3 score: 38-35

Morgan-Smith returned as C for the final quarter, and Neal entered the game at GA. With the match so closely contested and the result far from certain, it was Mavericks who held their nerve - patience in the midcourt was finished by Drakeford-Lewis' incredibly calm shooting. A couple of fantastic defensive turnovers was all it took the Mavericks to get the win, as they were giving nothing away.

Final score: 53-49

POM: Sophie Drakeford Lewis

The Mavericks are back at home next Saturday, hosting the Loughborough Lightening at 7:30pm.

Many thanks to Hannah Roberts for this week's match report