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Mavericks NPL Match Report: Mavericks March on & Tame The Dragons of Wales

22nd April 2016

Mavericks NPL squad travelled to Cardiff to play Junior Dragons in the penultimate game of this season.  The purple and black bus drove through sleet and snow before arriving to sunshine at the Sport Wales Centre.  The squad were in a positive mood and determined to record another good win.  With Captain Dix on Dodgeball Duty, vice-captain Pavelin led the team, with Hatley deputising.

Dragons first centre pass – Everitt first interception.  Dragons managed to turn the centre straight back but when the score was 4-3 to Mavericks, the team settled down and took an 11-3 lead.  Gregory, with her now familiar fast drives, worked well with Satwick to place accurate circle edge feeds into Parker and the strong partnership of Pavelin and Everitt marked a tight on quarter giving the Dragons shooters few opportunities.  Satwick, with her good decision making, again timed her runs well, supporting Gregory with excellent back up from Hatley.  The Dragons WA, fast and tricky to track, was soon being marked out of the game by Hatley, and their attack were given limited options forcing loopy balls into their tall GS.  Pavelin read these balls exceptionally well and picked up numerous interceptions.  Parker played a consistent quarter, demonstrating some good strength scoring the majority of the goals, whilst Fleming drove out for centre passes, showed efficient movement around the circle, and supported Parker well using her speed and changes of direction.  Q1 ended 17-7 to Mavericks.

 No changes Q2.  Although Mavericks gave Dragons more space at the beginning of this quarter, the consistent turnovers by Everitt and Pavelin prevented any real impact on the score.  Dragons struggled to get out on their centre passes, with man on marking by both Everitt and Hatley.  The game started to get a little scrappy, but Mavericks continued to turn over the Dragons centres and convert.  Less opportunities on goal for Parker and Fleming, with Dragons picking up some loose feeds.  The Mavericks defence picked up rebounds and tips putting more pressure on the Dragons attack.  Q2 ended 30-15 to Mavericks.

Q3 saw Everitt and Pavelin switch bibs, Barclay on at WD, Durr on at WA and Kelk into GS.  Mavericks took charge early on; Durr’s quick ball release and Gregory’s pace and elevation proved difficult for Dragons.  Kelk shot an almost perfect quarter, settling into her partnership with Fleming and Mavericks stretched their lead to 40-16 half way through the quarter.  Everitt continued to intercept and collect rebounds, as did Pavelin who was supporting well coming out of defence.  Barclay tracked the WA as Hatley had collecting a couple of interceptions and tips.  Gregory and Barclay switched well in centre court and Durr’s decision making was patient, ensuring the final feed into the circle was the right one.  Fleming worked tirelessly, particularly when defending and took two second stage interceptions.  Q3 score 48-23 to Mavericks.

Final quarter changes: Satwick back on at C, Rowley in at GK and a debut for Odeogberin at WD.  This was another rather scrappy quarter with a few errors starting to creep in.  The shooters were finding it harder to sink their shots as the Dragons defence stepped up their physicality.  Pavelin and Everitt were tireless in the circle, and Odeogberin showed few nerves as she played a steady quarter, using her speed to bring the ball through centre court.  Satwick played another consistent quarter at C linking up with Fleming and Rowley rotated well with Pavelin.  Final score 60-32.

A solid performance by Mavericks to take another good win.  The team need to bring the same positivity against their opponents next Saturday with a chance of a top 3 finish.

Starting 7:  GS Parker, GA Fleming, WA Satwick, C Gregory, WD Hatley, GD Everitt and GK Pavelin.  Bench:  Barclay, Durr, Kelk, Odeogberin and Rowley. 

Player of the Match: Pavelin

Shooting stats:

Fleming:  83%

Parker:  80%

Kelk:  76%


Final match, West Midland Warriors in Walsall on Saturday 23 April.