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Match Report: U21s Win V Manchester Thunder

28th May 2017

Hertfordshire Mavericks final U21 game brought Manchester Thunder to HSV for what proposed to be a thrilling game with a star filled line up from both teams.

Mavericks having a positive first season in the U21 league and 2 games to play to the end of the league, had another tough game ahead of them and needed to bring their A game. With two weeks training and preparing for our next game, the squad were prepared and determined to put into practice what they learnt.

Starting 7 was Parker, Fleming, True, Ecuyer-Dale, Ratu, Odegberin, Adio

 With strong words from their captain Adio, the starting 7 went on court determined to take their warm up into the game and did just that. With strong performances and connections with both ends of the court, Mavericks quickly started to extend their lead and took and impressive 17-5 lead in the first quarter. With Parker shooting 92% and Feming shooting 100%, the shooting combination were proving too much for the Thunder defenders.

Changing going into quarter 2, Kelk entered into GA and Cadogan into WA, with some impressive 1st & 2nd phase centre pass connections and the defensive being on fire, Adio was leading by example and turning the ball over from rebounds and classy intercepts. Mavericks were again the victors in the second quarter, however the score was much closer 12 - 10.

With the attacking combination needing to settle, Ratnapala kept the 7 the same going into the 3rd quarter, and mid way through brought Rothwell onto GA. Despite the changes, the 3rd quarter brought our highest percentage of centre pass to shot at an impressive 91%.

Thunder were a lot more patient in the attacking end this third, playing the short game and taking more care of their possession. Loosing this quarter by 1, the score was 39 - 26 going into the final quarter.

Mavericks needed to ensure they kept pushing in the final quarter, but Ratnapala could use this gap as an opportunity to expose her bench, bringing Wheeler onto WD and Flemming back onto GA midway through the game. Short also entered at GK and meant Adio pushed out to GD.

Final score 49 - 39 and Mavericks POTM went to Hali Adio.