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Match Report: Mavericks V Sirens

11th May 2017

Match report by Hannah Roberts

Starting Seven: Summer Artman (GK), Lindsay Keable (GD), Zara Everitt (WD), Rose Morgan-Smith (C), Keshia Grant (WA), Sophie Drakeford-Lewis (GA), Vicklyn Joseph (GS) 

Used Substitutes: Halimat Adio, Michelle Drayne, Sophie Hankin, Ashleigh Neal, Razia Quashie 

On Saturday, Mavericks hosted new Scottish franchise Sirens for the first time.  The first quarter was a relatively close affair, as each side played a tight midcourt defence, and both sets of shooters were finding their feet. Despite Mavericks taking an early lead, it was the Sirens who just edged the first quarter thanks to some well-timed intercepts, finding themselves 16-13 ahead. 

There were no personnel changes on court for the second quarter, but Mavericks attack just wasn’t connecting as well as the first quarter, and scored just four goals in the first half of the quarter.  Sirens took this opportunity and although the introduction of Drayne and Quashie into the defence helped steady the ship, Mavericks found themselves 11 goals down at half-time. 

Hankin and Neal came on for the third quarter and immediately the attack was better connected, and the purples brought the defecit the to just six within the opening stages of the quarter. The second quarter was quickly forgotten as all of the Mavericks’ players found their feet once again. However, it seemed the damage had already been done, as the Sirens still led 44-36 at going into the final fifteen minutes. 

With an eight-goal deficit to overturn it was always going to be a tough ask, and as Mavericks threw caution to the wind and the Sirens stayed steady to pick off `all of the plays from Mavericks. The away team ended with a comfortable victory, 61-47.