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Breaking New Ground with Mizuno - Kit Designed to Be A Maverick

12th October 2018

Since the BenecosMavericks and Mizuno partnership began 3 seasons ago we’ve constantly been looking at ways to innovate together.  The British Fast5 All-Stars Championship this weekend is a feisty, fast competition and the perfect place for us to take to court in revolutionary all-in-one suits from Mizuno - breaking away from the traditional netball dress.

On Saturday our athletes will debut the suits developed earlier this year specifically with the movements and demands of the netball athlete in mind.

When we sat down with Mizuno months ago to discuss some of the downfalls of the traditional dress, we were delighted with what they brought to the table with this suit.

benecosMavericks Director of Netball and Head Coach, Kathryn Ratnapala, said: “Players are sometimes left frustrated with certain aspects of a netball dress - from riding up to the fact that the dress can be easily grabbed. As a team we are always looking for ways to make gains, especially as netball is a sport of such fine margins. The Mizuno all-in-one suit has incorporated a range of specially designed features that have been developed to help our players, as we constantly explore alternative ways improve performance.”

As official kit suppliers to both British Rowing and The Boat Race, Mizuno felt they could use this expertise to develop a new outfit that would provide netball players with the benefits other athletes enjoy.

Mizuno Marketing Manager, Graham Johnson, adds: “We are extremely proud of our netball dress designs but wanted to create a garment that provoked an alternative line thinking & prompted a discussion in the netball world. The all-in-one suit has been designed to offer players at the elite level of the sport the opportunity to exploit the tiny gains needed to win matches.


We cannot wait for you to see this new kit in action at the British Fast5 Allstars Competition this weekend.