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U21s Opening Tournament – EIS Sheffield - Saturday 12th January

21st January 2019

Mavericks Under 21 were faced with a double game day to kick start their NPL season, at the EIS Sheffield. The first of the two games saw Mavericks play Surrey Storm.

After a solid warm up and a cheer from the crowd the game started, with Storm taking an early lead. No changes at quarter time for either team, the game continued.

The second half of the game resulted in goal for goal action that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. Tactical changes were made by both squads, which allowed fresh legs to keep the pace of the game at its highest.

In the dying seconds of the game Mavericks had scored the equalising goal that put storm under pressure. The last centre pass was taken by Storm, but the final whistle was blown in the hands of their shooter. But with the game tied we had to play on until one team was two clear goals ahead. 

It was Storm who came out eventual winners taking the victory 46-48. What a game! 

Starting Seven - Butt, Rump, Cadogan, B Ecuyer-Dale, Jones (Captain), Pavelin, Short

Substitutions - Hone, Burns, Hobbs,

Player of the Match - Phoebe Cadogan

There was no time to dwell on the defeat as an hour later we had to face Severn Stars. 

Stars had players who were part of their Superleague squad so we knew it would be a very tough fixture. 

The first quarter didn’t disappoint and saw Stars win that quarter 16-13. 

Mavericks stuck to the game plan, no changes were made going into the second quarter. Mavericks dominated with some great tips and interceptions from Pavelin and Robinson who linked well with the centre court who were slick bringing the ball through court and were rewarded by the accurate shooting by the young shooting sensations of Rump and Butt. Mavericks won that quarter 16-8. 

The rest of the game was played with great intensity and the enthusiasm and support from the bench also added to the performance. 

Mavericks made a change in the final few minutes as tired legs were playing a part in how the game was finishing. 

Mavericks saw out the game 55-41.

Starting Seven - Butt, Rump, Cadogan, B Ecuyer-Dale, Jones (Captain), Pavelin, Robinson

Substitutions - Hone

Player of the Match - Tash Pavelin

Mavericks Under 21s would like the thank Surrey Storm and Severn Stars for the highly contested games and we wish them all the best for the remainder of the season.

Head Coach - Sachel Grant said ‘Whilst I am disappointed in the loss against Surrey Storm it was our first outing as a new squad this season. It was great to see how we progressed and learnt as a squad as the game went on. To then play Severn Stars with such a short turnaround did us a favour as we had no time to dwell on our loss and had to focus on the task at hand. Stars had a different style to Storm, and we adapted very well. So pleased that we were able to utilise our squad in the first day of the season.’