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6th June 2018

With just 5 games left of the season, Mavericks made the journey across to Bath for what was expected to be an exciting clash between 4th and 5th on the league table. 

benecosMavericks started with Bailey, McCollin, Corbin, Marshall, Drayne, Keable & Quashie and went goal for goal in the first quarter, with both teams finding their feet and it was Bath that ended the quarter marginally ahead 16-14, with Bath edging forward after some physical defensive pressure to turn over the ball. 

Heading into quarter 2, Drayne made way for Everitt and despite Mavericks defensive pressure from the back 4, Bath were extremely patient with the ball and created opportunities for their attackers to take ball to goal, with some excellent shooting from Corbin & Drakeford-Lewis. The differential in the scores pushed out to 5, 25 - 30 heading into half time and Mavericks knew that they needed more turnover opportunities and to take better care of their possession if they were going to break down the clinical Bath side. 

No changes for quarter 3 and it was Bath who came out firing, gaining 4 goals on the bounce from Mavericks, but then Mavericks answered with their own 5 goal run on Bath to bring the scoreline back into contention. Bath finished the quarter with another run of 4 goals leading 43 - 35 -  a lead of 8, it was well within Mavericks capacity to make a come back, with a huge 15 minutes of netball ahead of them. 

Going 7-1 up in the final quarter, it was the start that Mavericks needed with firery play from Captain Corbin and sharp shooting from Bailey and McCollin, meaning they got into contention closing the game to just 2 goals. However unforced errors crept into Mavericks game and allowed the momentum to shift back towards Bath and going goal for goal, it was Bath to then take control and score 3 goals on the bounce and another 4 at the end of the game to finish 45 - 54. 

Director of Netball & Head Coach, Ratnapala said "Bath were extremely clinical and patient tonight, there was opportunities for us to win more ball but we just didn't take them. Massive shout out to Karyn Bailey who had 100% shooting stats tonight and Kalifa McCollin for missing just 2 goals, we just needed to present them more ball as we weren't getting enough shooting opportunities. 

There are now 4 games left of the season and despite it being a tough end, it is all to play for, to reach the top 4 placing for the Semi finals in the league. With Thunder at home this coming Saturday, then Lightning at University of Essex, Wasps away to Ricoh and Sirens away in Scotland, we need to dig deep and have a strong finish to the season."

PoTM Karyn Bailey